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"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

This is a philosophy with many applications. Perhaps nowhere does it apply more, though, than to personal finance. Financial planning takes into account myriad factors including taxes, saving and investing. Money Tantra always helps people to create a plan for their financial future.

What Is Financial Planning ?

  • Financial planning is the practice of putting together a plan for your future, specifically around how you will manage your finances and prepare for all of the potential costs and issues that may arise.
  • The process involves evaluating your current financial situation, identifying your goals and then developing and implementing relevant recommendations.
  • Financial planning is holistic and broad, and it can encompass a variety of services, which we detail below. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of personal finance, it views clients as real people with a variety of dreams, goals and responsibilities. It then addresses a number of financial realities to figure out how best to enable people to make the most of their lives.
  • Money Tantra generally refers to managing investments for a client. This can include choosing the stocks, bonds and mutual funds in which a client should invest their money.
  • Financial planning is about looking at all elements of a person’s financial life and coming up with a plan to help you as an individual meet your responsibilities and achieve your goals. It can include a number of services such as tax planning, estate planning, philanthropic planning and college funding planning.
  • Financial Planning isn’t always easy. Money Tantra can help with our free financial service.

What Services Are Included in Financial Planning ?

Money Tantra offer a variety of services to you. Here are some of the services offered as part of financial planning:


This could take a number of different forms. Money Tantra often help clients address certain tax issues and figure out how to maximize their potential tax returns and minimize tax liability.


Estate planning seeks to make things a bit easier for your loved ones after you die. Preparing a will may be part of a services. Estate planning also helps prepare for any estate tax you may be subject to.


You presumably want to stop working some day. Retirement planning services help you prepare for that day. They ensure that you’ve saved enough money to live the lifestyle you want in retirement.


It’s always nice to give something to people who need it or help a cause close to your heart. Financial planning can help you make sure you’re doing it efficiently and getting all the tax benefits you may be eligible for.


If you have children or other dependents who wish to pursue a college degree, you may want to help them to pay for it. Financial planning can help make sure you are able to do so.


Though financial planning doesn’t include the actual management of your assets, it can still help with your investment portfolio by mapping out how much you should be investing and in which types of investments.


Money Tantra can help you evaluate your insurance needs. Money Tantra also licensed insurance advisor.


This is perhaps the cornerstone of financial planning. The exact services offered by a Money Tantra will vary, based on the individual services need.

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